Small Rack

Front racks are universal and have 3 types of platforms (Pizza and two types of Mini platforms). They also differ in the way they are mounted: on light supports, on large or small sidewalls. All mounts are also universal and will fit any fork with threaded bosses. And they're also interchangeable, depending on your application.

The Mini universal platform is 165mm wide, and the Pizza is 310mm wide. Front rack Small is equipped with small sides for bags. The platform can be equipped with any support, depending on your needs. You can have several versions of supports for all occasions and rearrange them yourself.

To measure dimensions A, B and F, see the instructions below. To avoid mistakes when ordering, please include a photo of your bike with measurements. Warning! Once your order has been placed and put into service, no changes will be allowed.

lwh: 500x300x130 mm

How to measure A, B and F sizes

How to measure A, B and F sizes

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